If happiness is a journey, where do you begin?

Week 1



It’s easy to just keep spinning along in life after a traumatic experience or when you feel depressed but from my experience I ended up feeling so overwhelmed by it. I could feel I wasn’t going anywhere, I wasn’t getting any better but I didn’t really know what to do.

I don’t remember now where it was first, but at both a family violence support group and during the first weeks of the Parent Manifesto program I was asked to evaluate my life, beginning where it was now. I thought

“this is pointless, I know where my life is now, there is nothing good about it.”

Both tasks took a different approach to basically the same thing. At the support group we used a life wheel approach like my one below and rated 8 areas of life out of 10. However Jodie Benveniste the author of Parent Manifesto asks you to write drown the things that are GOOD right now in the areas of love, children, family, work, friends, health, finances and leisure.

I don’t remember filing out anything on the worksheet from parent manifesto and as you can see in my sample the ratings weren’t great in areas either.

Though it was easier for me to give the areas of life a rating rather than finding what was good in my life at the time of doing the course in early 2013.  I didn’t really feel much gratitude for anything back then! But when I was doing the life wheel I was able to see that I had enough money to get by and that I was lucky to have a nice place to live in. So my life wheel below reflects my feelings about where my life was at, at that time.

this wheel shows the comparison from late 2012/early 2013 to now. In week 9 I talk about reflection and will discuss the comparison


The best thing about starting the journey to happiness at this point, where you are now, using something like the life wheel or the weighing up your life exercise is that it allows you to see the areas of greatest need in your life.

For me I needed to improve my physical, emotional and mental health, I didn’t feel fulfilled just being a parent and I was a long way off my vision for life.

So this evaluation is where I began my journey. I didn’t take off running, trying to fix all areas at once though. I sat with it for a bit, I thought about what I could do to improve the areas. I opened my mind and my heart and I looked for things that would help.

I think doing this kind of evaluation is the best starting point for changing your life. No matter how you currently feel about your situation. It allows you to understand how you can move forward. It gives you insight and awareness on how you feel about where you are right now. And it’s the perfect place to start the happiness journey.

Are you ready to evaluate your life…

If you are ready, to evaluate your life NOW then you can use my life wheel below or find one that suits you on google. You could simply grab a journal and write the areas down and put a number next to them. Whatever you do, when you are ready too, keep it safe so you can look back on it later to review where you have come from and how far you have moved on your journey.

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Don’t try to overhaul your life overnight. Instead focus on making one small change at a time. Over time those small changes will add up to big transformations. DON’T GIVE UP!  – unknown


Until next week …

Be happy!