Happiness is…within you!

 Are you searching for a life filled with genuine happiness?

This can be a reality, you have the power to find it… Happiness is within you!

You just need to know how and begin the journey to find it.

Here is where you begin that journey… Right NOW!


Are the feelings of happiness and contentment missing in your life, do you suffer bouts of depression or anxiety, have recently ended a dysfunctional or toxic relationship or have you experienced a trauma and are struggling to get past it?

This was me not so long ago!

Through this blog you can follow my story and read about the process and tools I’ve used to find that genuine happiness in my life. When I break down the process I’ve used there are 13 steps, so over a 13 week ongoing cycle you can read about each aspect of my journey and how implementing that process has changed my life and allowed me to find happiness within.

You won’t necessarily find happiness in 13 weeks, if you read my story you can see its take much longer than that. I won’t lie I don’t feel happy all the time, but each day I go to bed and feel content because I work through and implemented the 13 steps I share with you over and over again. (Hit the FOLLOW button NOW)

I have decided to share my story with you because I have nothing to lose, you are worth it and so am I. I stand proud for what I have achieved in my life and how far I have come and I think working through the journey again to share it with you will allow me to just move a little further forward in life also.

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